Phone Chat Numbers don’t roll as easily but effective.

Phone Chat NumbersPhone Chat Numbers don’t roll as easily but are effective. Singing the song Jenny don’t change your number is catching. Sing with me now. Popping Cherrie is at 855-733-5746 oh yes, she is. On her knees waiting to play. Play with me. I need to be fucked. I like it when people pop this, Cherrie. Pop me in the ass. Sing me a song of fucking.

Play the Neden game. Tell me what a fat bitch whore I am. Pull my fucking tits down to my knees and watch them pop back up again. Smack that ass at the same time and drive that cock down my fucking fat throat. In the long run you could never love me because of how fucking fat I am.

Rub my cunt. Make me give you a rimming. As can be seen I am good at anything that you want to do too me. Without delay I will cum for you. Have me swallow your cum. All of it. By all means fuck my ass and pull my hair back. Bend me over. Make me do the wheelbarrow. Driving down into me.

Get down and get funky. Cum over and over on my face, tits, throats, and stomach to name a few. Keep going until you are finally satisfied and I have drained you.

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