Phone Chat Lines Will Be a Man’s Best Friend

phone chat numbersPhone chat numbers like mine should be a man’s best friend. Wonder why? Because women like me let men like you talk about anything. And I mean anything. My favorite kind of calls involve us as parents to a cute brood of young brats. I want to be your phone wife.

You see, I miss my husband. I have been a widow for 6 years now. And my husband was a great man. He loved me and he loved the life we made together. He turned me into a P mommy. And for that I am forever grateful. But I miss sharing pussy together. I miss him watching me fuck our boys too.

But life goes on, right? My phone chat lines help me connect with men like you who wish they had a wife like me. And with you I get to relive all that naughty family fun I had with my husband and our brood. I am still a P woman. However, now, I have a brand new brood that my husband missed out on knowing.

My Phone Lines Keep Me Connected to P Daddies Like You

His daughter from his first marriage had 6 brats of her own. And now that she is in prison, I am raising them for her. All school age boys and girls. With a couple girls at that age my husband liked. I get to be both mommy and daddy to these cute ones. But I must pimp them out to support us all. Between my offspring and my stepdaughter’s offspring, I have 12 brats. Well, a couple of mine are adults now. But everyone still needs mommy’s love.

It would be perfect if I had a man like you in the family. One with an age play fantasy of his own who could help take care of these young girls who need daddy’s love and daddy’s dick. Is that you? Do you need a daughter’s love and a P wife like me?

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