Phone Chat Lines for the Holidays Stay Busy

phone chat linesPhone chat lines become busier over the holidays. I think the reason why is embedded in family play. I know not every man is as lucky as me to have a bunch of folks to fuck within the family. Most men crave some family love at some point in their lives. I got lucky when I married my husband. He had two teen boys when we said I do. Although we eventually grew the family when I had two sons and a daughter, I got my feet wet with those two horny boys.

And they are back home with us for the holidays. My daughter is here too. My sons will arrive this week. And then I will have everyone around to fuck me. In the meantime, my daughter and will take care of these two horny stepsons of mine. My daughter shares DNA with them. And I feel like they are my sons. I mean they call me mommy. A good mommy takes care of her sons and stepsons.

I Fuck Every Member of My Family

Last night my husband had a holiday party to attend. I sat that one out so I could fuck. I need cock more than I need another holiday party, LOL. So, I stayed back and fucked my stepsons and my daughter. Those boys missed me too. Not only did that rabbit fuck my hairy pussy, but they also ravaged my puckered asshole. All the cum they deposited in my fuck holes, my daughter licked out of me. She has been my cum cleaner upper for over a decade now. And no cum she likes more than family cum.

With a mouth full of fresh sperm, she kissed her sexy mommy. We snowballed my stepsons’ cum as the snow fell outside. Of course, watching that made the boys erect again, so mommy and daughter fucked them again. Fucking my stepsons and snowballing their cum out of my snatch with my daughter, I think, was more fun than any party. My phone chat numbers are filled with dirty family fun tales.

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