Phone Chat Numbers with a sub bitch pet

Phone Chat Numbers with a trained subby slut is what you need to start your week.  As you pull me out my bitch kennel I feel a warm stream spraying me. Before I looked up I knew it was a golden shower from my master. Therefore I continued to crawl out of my cage. After drying off my master bent me over his knee for my start of the week spanking. He normally spanks me until my ass is too red or when he is finally satisfied that I have surrendered to him.

After the first few hits to my ass, my body started to shake. Finally he stopped and stood up. My master grabbed me by the hair and I knew to open my mouth. It is part of the sub bitch training I have gotten. “That’s right hoe suck masters cock meat” he demanded. Then I sucked his cock just like I was taught you like. After some hard face fucking your body stiffens up.

Therefore I knew what was coming. His cock started filling my mouth up with your thick gooey nut.

Phone Chat Numbers

I made sure not to waste any of it and drank every last drop. “Good job bitch” you said as you led me back to my kennel. I was just happy to please and to get out of my cage. That is the life of a kept subby slut. My joy is to get out and get used and pissed on. Sometimes I get a tummy full of master perm or my holes. Anything master needs or commands.

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