Phone Chat Numbers with the mommy you need for Christmas

Phone Chat Numbers with a nasty mommy are all young cock want. Especially during the holidays when they get to be around their favorite milf. “Mommy I have been thinking about your cunty pie for Christmas dessert” my son says while pushing his hand up my skirt. “I am hungry for the pussy I came out of” he says eagerly. Therefore I take my panties off and bend over.

Phone Chat Numbers

“Eat mommies ass too son” I tell him to not forget. After that he starts licking my hard like I taught him. “Licking your mommy cunt always gets my cock hard” he moans into my cunt. “Why don’t you fuck me son?” I tease him by rubbing my cunt in his face more. After he hears me say that, my son stands up and starts poking at my mommy hole. “Your mommy cunt makes my cock melt momma” he says as he pushes inside me.

“Can I come inside you as one of my.gifts mommy?” You eagerly ask. “How did you guess your next gift” I laugh as I push my cunt back on your young cock.  After some hard mommy pussy fucking you moan out, “I’m coming mommy”. “Maybe this year you get a baby for a gift from your son”. The way he filled me up he might be right. That is why I love Phone chat lines, there is so many young cocks that need mommy cunt on the holidays.

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