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Phone Chat Numbers For A GF

Phone Chat Numbers
I know you’ve been trying to get my phone chat numbers to ask me on a date, so here they are baby. I’m the wet dream you never seem to be able to get ahold of, but I’m right in your grasp now aren’t I? Strip me down until I’m nothing but a sun kissed slut laying before you, legs spread and mouth open and eager. Please, put your cock in my vicinity, let me reach out and suck that fat thing down my throat like a good little slut. I’m an eager cock sucker, and while I’ve never been more excited for a romantic date I also know your balls are overdue to be drained. Tell me, how many times do you jack off thinking about me or sexy women like me? Five, six times a day? I fucking believe that you little pervert, come here and give me a kiss. There now, don’t be shy. Hand on my tit, tongue in my mouth, my hands unbuckling your belt so we can do a sexy sort of Texas Tango together tonight. Take my pretty girl clothes off, and let me show you exactly why I’m a rodeo Queen. Your new little girlfriend is going to ride your cock all night long.

Girlfriend Phone Sex

Your GF, Anabelle

(800) 251-1696 ext 821

Phone Chat Numbers For The Nasty Nephew

Phone Chat Numbers

 Phone Chat Numbers are what aunty loving bad boys use. One of my favorite callers who uses Phone chat lines loves fucking his aunty and cumming all over her stockings. He uses aunties stockings to wrap around his cock as he strokes his dick and tells me how bad he wants to fuck me and eat my wet cunt. I let him use my stockings because it feels so good when I put them on and feel his gooey cum on them. I make him lick my cunt all the way from my clit to my asshole. As he strokes his cock on my stockings and pink garters. I bend my leg and he shoves his cock between my thigh and calf fucking it telling me how good my stocking feels. I make him beg for aunty to let him cum all over my legs and stockings, and as he cums I let him rub it all over my legs and I tell him how good of a dirty boy he is.  


(800) 210-2047 Ext 816

Phone Chat Lines With Sexy Mommy’s

phone chat linesYou know what phone chat numbers have? Sexy horny milf’s just waiting to play with you. The other night my phone rang andjust the sound of his jerking when I answered I knew this was going to be hot. By the time we processed and started my panties were soaking and I was in full slut mode. He was a demanding dude and was full of demands for mommy.

Mommy did not disappoint, and I happily pulled out two dildos, just like he asked. He listened as I took them down my throat making them wet. Then I pushed the first one up my cunt and deep throated the other. After it was wet and ready, I lifted myself and slowly pushed it into my tight asshole.

He jerked harder as he heard me take them both deep. I moaned as I consumed them. Then I fucked myself with the dildo in my pussy. I was moaning and masturbating, and he was moaning and stroking. I rubbed my clit as he told me what he would do to me if he was here. My asshole tightened as I came on the head of the dildo in my pussy. If you called my phone chat lines, what would you ask me to do?


1-800-279-3016 ext 840

Phone Chat Numbers For The Shemale Lover

Phone Chat Numbers are perfect for when you are needing a big shemale cock. My cock dangles in between my legs getting hard and throbbing knowing I will be fucking your sissy mouth and man pussy of yours. I know your mouth waters at the thought of my cock sliding down your throat. The way I sit on your face so you can lick my ass turns you on so much your sissy cock gets hard and starts leaking that is when I scoop some of yours and mine pre-cum and make you like it off my fingers.

Phone Chat Numbers

That is why Phone Chat lines are used by sissy sluts needing a good pounding from Mistress Kinley. I make you spread you ass and have you begging me to stick my shemale cock in you. When I finally shove it deep in you, you moan for me to fuck your tight man cunt and not to stop until I fill you up like the perfect cum bucket slut you are.


(800) 207-6329 Ext 814

Phone chat lines for your pleasure

phone chat lines Lucy

I’ve been burning the phone chat lines up today! Rubbing my hot, wet pussy while these guys jerk it for me. I’ll be on all day long, teasing my tight cunnie while I get dressed up to go to a costume party later tonight. I still fit into my old cheer uniform, so I’m going as a kinky, cheerleader slut. I’ll have my little skirt pulled up so that everyone can tell I’m not wearing panties underneath. I love getting wild and freaky at parties. I’m going to let every hard dick at the party shoot a thick, sticky cum shot into my slutty holes while I get fucked up. Help me pregame for this party. I want to make my hot, little cunt cum as many times as I can before I go.



1-800-267-8539 ext 813

Pain slut on the phone chat lines

phone chat lines

Sometimes when you find a submissive whore on the phone chat lines, you hit the mother load. See, as a long time domesticated slave I’m able to play with you on a deep level. I will work as your slave the best way I can on the phone, roleplays are so sexy when a master knows what he wants.  My phone master the other night wanted me in my catsuit and I obeyed before he even called. My tits out with my heavy nipple clamps and my largest butt plug ad dildos available to me for him. 


We started out going into a scene where he took me to a bar looking as slutty as could be. I was embarrassed to be going to a public place in only a teeny skirt with no panties or bra on. Each sway of my hips showed my ass. The Wind blew up my skirt asI got out of the car and I know a man on the street saw my butt plug shining for him. 


The phone chat numbers bring your real submissive whores in daily life. 


And as my story goes on you will see that I was used as a woman should be! I obey every hand gesture and slight signal my master has. When he told the waitress I would be serving him, she blushed and said it would be her pleasure. He released me to go to the bar and attend his drinks as she playfully sat in his lap and wiggled her fat ass on my masters lap. 

Soon I was being pulled behind the bar and patrons were laughing as they pulled up my skirt and showed my bare pussy and butt plug. I was almost in tears, and as I looked over my Master was getting a blow job, while he gave me the signal to please the men! I always do what I am told and it always ends up in me being a pain slut and full of cum!

Submissive Slave Robyn

(800) 988-2055 ext. 826

Phone Chat Numbers With Dirty Mommy’s

phone chat numbersPhone chat numbers bring out all of my sweet baby boys that are looking for mommy Lilly to take care of them. I love when my sweet babies call needing me to make them feel good. Nothing makes me happier than to get their cocks so hard that their balls tighten, and they unload that warm delicious cum deep into my mouth. My pussy gets so wet when I hold them, and they start suckling on my big mommy boobs as I stroke their cock. I will guide their hands right between my legs so they can rub on my juicy wet pussy and stick their fingers deep inside me. Then I love to lay them on their backs and climb on top of them and lower my wet cunt down on top of their rock-hard cock, riding them as they pinch my nipples. I start slow and then speed up as I feel their cock start to twitch inside me preparing to fill my twat with their sperm. Of course, mommy Lilly does not let them wear a condom either, you know just in case they want to put a baby in my mommy belly. So, if you want to play with mommy Lilly just give my phone chat lines a call.


1-800-279-3016 ext 838

Phone Chat Numbers For Sister Sluts

Phone Chat Numbers

I’m the sister slut you’ve been wanting, so here are my phone chat numbers. Call me up so we can make a date! I’d love a hot Netflix and chill sesh where your cock is buried down my throat before the intro to the show is over. I love role playing as your sister as much as I love fucking my own brother’s cocks. I’m addicted to incest sex and I know you can agree it’s just so hot I can’t get enough. It’s so taboo and it makes my little cunny run like a river. You and me, hopping in the shower so I can such off my brother’s fat cock. I know you’ve been fantasizing about this almost as long as I have.

Sister Slut, Heather

(800) 270-5026 ext 818

phone chat numbers can help you release

phone chat numbers

I love that my oldest niece is in college. It gives me a reason to visit her. I know she attracts some hot guys and takes after her aunt. It’s desirable to see who she’s banging. I love seducing the guys she date. Usually, I end up fucking her new boyfriend in her own bed. It keeps me feeling alive and makes me really want to be an even nastier whore. I love to have cum in my holes. You have to give it to me once I show you how hot and horny I am.

Her newest boyfriend is a black guy who is packing 14 inches. I can’t deny my hunger to fuck that big cock. I’m sure my niece is on cloud 9 fucking her new BBC king. It’s aunties turn to take a ride and take every inch till I get that cream. I love big black cocks so much because they cum the hardest and the best.

It is so fucking hot to be a BBC-loving slut. I don’t care that I am betraying my niece. I can’t wait to fuck him some more.


(800) 205-7903 ext 806

Phone Chat Number Are Full Of Sluts

phone chat numbersPhone chat lines are full of dirty nasty naughty girls just like me. You can find anything you want here. Any kink you have is covered. Of course, most girls are into many taboo things, which is why they work here. I am a dirty freak who loves everything. The tabooer the better really. I love to party and love when a caller has already been partaking in that fun stuff before calling. I love to hear you snort a line with me and then get freaky. Tell me your darkest fantasy and I will tell you mine or maybe you are just looking for a girlfriend experience and want to hear how I will please you. I am down for any and all. Need an accomplice to help you snatch that sweet young girl or boy so we can have a little fun, I get wet just thinking about that. But mostly what gets me off is the sound of you stroking your cock as we talk and party. So, give my phone chat lines a call and let us do a line together, or smoke a bowl and take a few shots, sit back, and play out some kinky dirty fun.


1-800-267-8539 ext 850

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