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Phone Chat Numbers For Shemale Cock Lover

Phone Chat Numbers are used when a horny tranny needs to fuck. I love when I can use your mouth until I get my shemale cock throbbing and leaking.

Phone Chat Numbers

That is when I bend you over and shove my big tranny dick inside your tight man pussy. Making you my bitch and having you beg for more is what I want. I will not stop pounding you until I can dump my whole load inside you. I love watching my cum drip out of you like a dirty used up slut. Then you will use your slutty mouth to clean my cock. Then you will show me how much of a whore you are and let my tranny friends fuck you and fill you up over and over until their balls and drained you are filled up like a dirty cum bucket you are. That is why Phone chat lines come in handy for me, that way I can find a sissy slut like you to use.  


(800) 207-6329 Ext 814

Phone Chat Numbers For Used-up Sissy Whores

Phone Chat Numbers is what I like using when I need to hear a sissy slut beg for me to let him suck my big cock. Having you on the grounded sucking my veiny throbbing cock like a used-up whore turns me on so much.

Phone Chat Numbers

I want you worshiping my cock because you know you are a sissy who loves sucking cock and getting fucked and filled up by a sexy shemale like me. When I am good and ready, I will rub my cock on your tight asshole teasing you until I have your cock leaking for me. I take my hand and stroke your tiny cock as I slide my big veiny dick in that tight man pussy of yours. I will use you like a whore or prostitute that has been paid and stretch you out and pound you hard into the ground until I fill you up with my big load. Letting my balls empty into your ass. When I’m done you will lick my cock clean and then just get dressed pay me for fucking you and giving you what you need and leave like a used-up whore. That is why I know that my sissy sluts use Phone chat lines to be able to get a taste of what they dream of.  


(800) 207-6329 Ext 814

Phone Chat Numbers For The Nasty Nephew

Phone Chat Numbers

 Phone Chat Numbers are what aunty loving bad boys use. One of my favorite callers who uses Phone chat lines loves fucking his aunty and cumming all over her stockings. He uses aunties stockings to wrap around his cock as he strokes his dick and tells me how bad he wants to fuck me and eat my wet cunt. I let him use my stockings because it feels so good when I put them on and feel his gooey cum on them. I make him lick my cunt all the way from my clit to my asshole. As he strokes his cock on my stockings and pink garters. I bend my leg and he shoves his cock between my thigh and calf fucking it telling me how good my stocking feels. I make him beg for aunty to let him cum all over my legs and stockings, and as he cums I let him rub it all over my legs and I tell him how good of a dirty boy he is.  


(800) 210-2047 Ext 816

Phone Chat Numbers For The Shemale Lover

Phone Chat Numbers are perfect for when you are needing a big shemale cock. My cock dangles in between my legs getting hard and throbbing knowing I will be fucking your sissy mouth and man pussy of yours. I know your mouth waters at the thought of my cock sliding down your throat. The way I sit on your face so you can lick my ass turns you on so much your sissy cock gets hard and starts leaking that is when I scoop some of yours and mine pre-cum and make you like it off my fingers.

Phone Chat Numbers

That is why Phone Chat lines are used by sissy sluts needing a good pounding from Mistress Kinley. I make you spread you ass and have you begging me to stick my shemale cock in you. When I finally shove it deep in you, you moan for me to fuck your tight man cunt and not to stop until I fill you up like the perfect cum bucket slut you are.


(800) 207-6329 Ext 814

Phone Chat Numbers for BBC

phone chat numbersPhone chat numbers are everywhere on the Internet. So, how do you know who to call? You call me if you need sissy training or you want to be a black cock faggot. I love big black dicks. I have a lot of black lovers. A few will come over to fuck me and whichever sissy bitch I have over that day. Tyrone is my favorite stud. He has an 11.5-inch cock and he does not care where he puts it.  He will fuck me then turn around with my cunt juice on his cock and fuck one of my sissy bitches. Hank is a new sissy in my life. He is a friend of my best friend. He came to her for sissy training, and she sent him to me. She knows what I do. She just does not think she can do it without laughing. I am always laughing at sissies and black cock faggots because they usually have laughable dicks. Pathetic little wieners that no woman wants. Hank showed up last night while Tyrone was over. Perfect timing. Tyrone laughed at his pathetic white penis while he thrust his monster dick deep inside me. Hank got between my legs and sucked his big black balls that were dripping with my cunt juice. He was a natural bbc faggot. When Tyrone was done with me, he made Hank suck his cock clean then he bent him over and fucked his ass. Hank walked right in at the perfect time. Maybe you will too.

BBC Whore Coraline

(800) 211-5480 ext 808

Phone chat Numbers SDH

phone chat numbers


Small dick humiliation 

When you call my phone chat numbers that is what you are liable to receive. I’m a bratty young bitch who already knows that big dick is best! What do I have for a small penis? Making fun of men with this unfortunate lack of growth.  That is very hot to me. Too make fun of something you can’t help. But without a dick you’re not a man. I don’t make the rules! I just get so excited when I get a man with a small little dick! Little penis men often have deep pockets for a little teasing whore like myself. I love cucking a white boy with a micro penis woth a big black cock. Can we go a little further and start dressing you to match your penis size? I mean my big toe is the same size as these nub having pathetic men sometimes! So, isn’t that due cause to be put in some sexy panties and paraded around like a tre sissy whore? We can add in butt plugs, chastity and dildo training 101! That would give you a little pleasure. But dont worry we will work you up slow. 


I will still humiliate you after sissification on the phone chat lines! 


That’s something I don’t skimp on. You should come to live and breathe the sissy world. A ripe little fairy who needs step by step instructions on being everything sissy slut! Now, this will take time and you will need more than one sissy lesson. Thus filling my Amazon shopping cart and giving my pussy pleasure from all the things I’m going to force you to do. Sissy lesson one, will be cream pie eating and pussy worship. It’s a dual lesson that might take up your early morning. 


With no respect, 

Your overnight Sissy Trainer Zoey

Sissy Trainer Zoey

800-988-2055 ext 823

Phone Chat Numbers for BBC Whores

phone chat numbersPhone chat numbers are for men who like all kinds of women. I am not the kind of woman for all men. I am a sissy trainer and a BBC whore. Black men love me.  Look at my big juicy round ass. It is perfect for attracting black men. I can help you get big black cocks because black guys flock to me. Black me like a woman with back. They quickly become addicted to my ass. This one black guy I met last night made me measure it for him. He wanted me to work for his nigger dick too. I twerked it in his face at the club, and that brought over some more brothers. They spanked my ass. They slapped my ass. They licked my ass. They rubbed their cocks on my ass. And that was just in the club, LOL.

I brought about 6 black studs home with me because I have sissy sons who love those big black cocks too. My boys were happy to help with all the extra bbc. I bent over, spread my cheeks and took a black cock in my asshole. My sissy boys followed my lead and took big black cocks in their assholes too. No lube was necessary. Not our first rodeo. My sissy sons swear nothing feels as good as big black dicks in their tight rosebuds. They love the feel of cum running out of their back door pussies. Sometimes they are a dirty whore like their mama and leave the cum inside of them all day. Those studs I brought home last night got to fuck a lot of ass. They each took turns on my hot round ass and the tight asses of my sissy boys. You see in our family, I am a black cock whore and they are my black cock faggots.

BBC Whore Coraline

(800) 211-5480 ext 808

Phone Chat Numbers – Sissy Domme

Phone Chat Numbers
Aww, little sissy bitch is afraid to call this Domme’s phone chat numbers? What a pathetic excuse for a “man”. That’s not a cock, it’s a fucking clit meant for caging and certainly not for cumming! You’ve been in my chat box for weeks, too afraid to actually submit.

Well this is your sign, bitch boy. This is your call to action to give your life up and surrender all notions of manhood to me. I own you now, do you understand? Put on those panties you sheepishly steal from your sister’s laundry, and grab some stocking too you sick little sissy pervert. I’m going to show you exactly what I do to worthless little sluts like you. You’re my new fuck toy, so get ready to be humiliated all for my entertainment.

Mean Sissy Trainer, Presley

(800) 258-5131 ext 829

Phone Chat Numbers For Shemale Lovers

Phone Chat Numbers is perfect if you love shemale cock. I love the look you get in your eyes when you see my big tits and cock pop out from my clothes. Just like you love the look I get when I see you on your knees licking and sucking my dick and balls. I’ll put my legs over your shoulders and really use your mouth and tongue all the way to my asshole, you will lick all of me.

Phone Chat Numbers

I never stop there I like making you my ultimate dirty slut just like you were meant to be. I will bend you over and finger that man pussy of yours while I stroke my throbbing cock. When your ass is ready, I’ll shove my cock right into it showing you who is the good dirty slut. I know you love it from the way you beg me to fill you up with all my cum. That is what you will get from me, you are addicted to my hot gooey nut. That is why you know Phone Chat Numbers are perfect for shemale cock lovers.  


(800) 207-6329 Ext 814

Phone Chat Numbers For Two BBC Dommes

Phone Chat Numbers
Dial up my phone chat numbers if you want to hear about how Violet took me out to show me the ropes on being a sissy trainer! She’s a hot fucking MILF who married her high school sweetheart only to find out he had the tiniest cock she’d ever even thought of! She told me she couldn’t even feel his cock in her virgin pussy! What a fucking joke! Well, I told Vi I knew some hot, nasty men who’d use us like the perfect whores we are.

We deserve to be satisfied too. So, she brought her sissy husband and I brought two delicious chocolate BBCs. She made her pathetic husband dress up like the fagot beta boy he is. He was sexy to look at, until you got to his cock. Violet did an excellent job training him to be her perfect sissy slave. He got her cunt wet and then mine with his tongue and his thick, athletic fingers. At least he was good for this!

Then, Violet made him get those BBC rock hard for us! He sucked on their balls and stroked their cocks until they were ready to let Violet and I ride their thick, juicy lips with our own dripping cunts. We were eager to be pleased. Her husband sat pathetically, a pathetic secret sissy wishing he could even have the honor of fucking us! Those huge black anacondas were pumping in and out of us! My ass was so stretched I could barely stand it!

I was moaning like an A class whore while Violet was getting treated like a queen, pampered while her Nigerian python slipped in and out of her delicious, dripping cunt. She made her husband film the entire affair; what a pathetic sissy.
2 Girl Phone Sex

BBC Sissy Queens Violet & Anabelle

(800) 251-1696 ext 821

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