Hot Summer Fun

phone chat numbers summerI hate this time of year. I want to live in my bikini year round. I decided to enjoy the last weekend of the summer at the beach. Not just any beach. The over 40 beach. I just acted like I was lost. Found some handsome silver haired foxes and said I lost my grandpa. They wanted me to stay and hang out with them, even said my grand pa would have a better change finding me if I stayed put. They couldn’t take their eyes off my hot teen body. I asked them to put suntan lotion on me, and all three of those dirty old perverts leaped up like spring chickens to oil me down. I felt their old hard peckers pressed up against my back as they rubbed lotion all over this hot teen slut. One guy was drooling. They were 3 times my age, but I didn’t care. Old men need pussy too right? I saw Cocoon. I bet my pussy could be the fountain of youth for them. I flashed them my titties. All three dropped their jaws and their drawers! I saw three very hard cocks. Not shriveled up at all. One guy told me my name should be Viagra.

I was such a naughty teen whore. I blew three old men on the beach. Swallowed three loads of old spunk. I got a date with one of them tomorrow night. Just my luck. All three are loaded. Can you say sugar daddy cubed! I’m gonna have fun with the old folks. Old men with hard working cocks is sweet. Old men with hard working cocks and money is heaven!

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