age play fantasyIt’s your favorite little daddys girl here! I know you’ve missed me, and you just can’t wait to talk to me! I can tell you boys my phone has not been ringing enough, what’s up with that? Any man can see I am the dream girl for age play fantasy…so what’s the holdup? I don’t know what you are into, but if you can imagine me just a little younger than I already am, and maybe even me calling you Daddy…I know I can help you get off! Look at me, so young and not so innocent. It’s what draws you to me, isn’t it? You can’t fool me, because my precious Daddy…I know all I want is for you to make me your little sex slave, and make me be whatever age you desire. Your little slut to treat any way you want. You know that is what gets my cunny dripping wet. I think now is a good time to tell you I have no limits and no taboos so I can be as young as you want me to be, no problem. And no judgment there either, because there is nothing I won’t do, and not many things that I am not into as well. So make me your little Daddy’s girl, teach me a lesson or two. Or maybe, I can be Daddy’s little whore and I can show you the things I have learned from you and my Daddy’s friends!!! Would you just fucking love that Daddy? I can be, and do whatever you want…After all I am your naughty little girl.

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