Just Can’t Say No

phone chat numbers MakennaI had been running on empty all week long and needed a great big rail to get me through the day. It was the girls’ first day of school and I had really needed to get fucking motivated. I waited somewhat impatiently in line to get them all squared away when this jackass decided to grab my ass. He fumbled through a weak apology and surprisingly it pissed me off. I gave him the finger and pushed forward in line. After about 45 minutes I was free and clear. I went to my car and guess who was there, Mr. Grab Ass. I wanted to give him a swift kick in the ass but for some reason I smiled and he smiled back. Well fuck and here I was flirting with him. I guess I am just a pushover for a big dick and whore for coke cause next thing you know I had his cock in my mouth and a line up my nose. If you can’t beat em, join em!

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