Mommy Knows Best

phone chat numbers samanthaMommy knows best. When one of my boys is not feeling well, I know how to make him feel better. Starve a fever, feed a cold? Nah. I blow a fever, fuck a cold. When my oldest showed up with the flu, I went into naughty nurse mode. Unzipped his pants, pulled out his cock and practiced some old school medicine. I explained to him that I could make him feel better by draining his body of toxins. I sucked his dick dry. The key is, sliding a finger up the ass too for a prostate massage. If you can work the prostate while sucking cock, your man will cum harder and more than he ever has before. I must have swallowed a gallon of cum. But, he started feeling better almost immediately. Trust me, your man will feel much better when you drain his balls completely.

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