Mommy Phone Chat is the Best Adult Live Chat

mommy phone chat slutsMommy phone chat makes the best adult live chat you can find. As a sexy mommy who has been playing with her brats since they were knee high, I obviously have no limits or taboos. A caller asked me today to do an extra hot taboo role play with him. He was nervous about sharing his fantasy with me, until I assured him that there is very little that I have not done with my own offspring and nothing I consider off limits. Limits are for credit cards not sex lives.

He wanted to knock up mommy. Little did he know how close this fantasy is to me. For the past year, I have stopped all forms of birth control. I fuck my son daily in hopes that I will get pregnant before it is too late. Women are having brats well into their 40s nowadays, so it is not impossible for me yet. I discussed it with my son and he admitted to always wanting to knock me up. It is actually a very healthy and normal desire. Lots of men have impregnation fantasies. If you sire a brat you are not only virile but you are insuring your legacy.

adult live chatWhen you put a bun in mommy’s oven, you are strengthening the family. I want another brat in the family. Not because I am bored with my son and daughter, but because it is so much fun grooming little ones to be your fuck sluts. I’d be lying too if I didn’t say I miss the bodies of little ones too. Something so sexy about little hairless bodies. Luckily my son is more than happy to fuck me several times a day until he can plant that last seed in my belly. This dirty mommy welcomes your baby batter too.

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