Pink Collared and Cuffed Michael

I know a pretty little “chick”
With a teeny tiny dick
Last year for Easter
I decided she had to show her “ceaster”

Her Mistress and I had a long talk
We decided to put a wiggle in her walk
We wanted a jingly jangly bunny
I really thought that it would be funny

She did exactly as she was told
Scared but determined to be bold
Pink collared and cuffed
Michael pouted and huffed

This out fit was revealing and tight
Going in public just didn’t feel right
With a huge sigh and an intake of breath
She headed out and hoped for the best

She really did look sweet and sassy
Everyone could see her “assey”
And look at those sexy legs
Nice and waxed and cleanly shaved

She had to do as her Mistress wished
She knows better then to get Mistress “pished”
Jingly jangly, pink bell wearing faggot
Doesn’t like getting hit in the wallet

Sissy Days may have her stressed
But Mistress dictates how she is dressed
Mistress tells her where to go
Rain, sleet, heat or snow

Sissy Michael knows this is the way
Little dicks are humiliated every day
Fairy faggots are always teased
Mistresses are always pleased

It is why our Tinkerbell is here
And why she stays year after year
Sissy Michael lives to be shamed
Being outted is the name of the game

We Love You Michael

Our Jingly, Jangly, Pink Bell Wearing Faggot……

Kisses from the Superior Women Of Fuckalicious Freaks

Especially Ms Darlaphone chat numbers sissy1

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