Ride ‘Em Hard

adult phone chat melindaI love taking a leisurely nap with him in the afternoon. Especially when I feel that hard cock against my ass as he dreams of fucking me or my brats. Moaning and pushing into him I know that the girls are not home and I am going to get him all to myself. He doesn’t even open his eyes as I turn and roll him on his back before sliding my hot, wet pussy down on his massive man cock while pressing my hands into his shoulders so he can’t move when he wakes fully. I slide down slowly enjoying the feel of him filling me up completely and stretching my cunt wide. Finally he opens his eyes and looks up at me with a lazy look and a smile. I can’t hold back any more and I start riding him hard and fast, taking that dick just the way I want it, deep into my aching pussy while my juices flow down his balls and puddle under his ass on the sheets.

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