Smokin’ Hot

phone chat numbers natashaThere’s just something sexy and mysterious about a teenage girl who smokes. The click of the lighter. The flame of desire. The way the cigarette touches her lips like a lover’s cock. The long pull of nicotine into her lungs that reminds you of  that first taste of pussy. The smokey tang of her kiss. I’ve been a bad girl most of my life. I’ll never conform to society’s norms. My cigs keep me calm and stop me from doing some pretty wicked things. I love the feel of the burn against my flesh like the taste of a fine leather whip.
Lying back with my cigarette gives me time to think and plan. I can’t describe for you what goes through my mind, but it usually evil and involves inflicting some sort of pain or agony. Nicotine tends to quiet my demons just for a bit.
Are you looking for someone like me who doesn’t give a fuck about anything? Kick back with me, light that cigarette and let’s make some wicked plans that involve mayhem and malicious intent. Sounds like fun, right? Check out my profile for more about my warped fantasies. I can’t mention them here.

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