Submissive Phone Chat Mommy

phone chat numbers BlairI’m a submissive mommy. My sons don’t treat me with the respect that most sons bestow on their mothers. In fact, they treat me like their slave, not their mother. Their sex slave to be exact. Whenever they have hard-ons, I have to fall to my knees and blow them. I have to drop whatever I am doing to service them and their friends. Last weekend, they invited some friends over for a slumber party of sorts. I thought I could just leave them alone in the recreation room and they would watch movies and play video games. I was the entertainment for the night unbeknownst to me. They ganged up on me, forced me into my bedroom and force fucked me for hours. Tied me up like a piece of meat and sodomized my ass; fucked my cunt; skull fucked my mouth. I was gang banged by a group of boys. Two of whom were my own boys! I don’t know if I was turned on by their dominance or scared! Do you have rape fantasies about mommy?

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