Summer’s Hot Teen Sex Story

teen sex storyWanna hear a hot teen sex story? This professor of mine offered me and this other chick in my abnormal psychology class extra credit for helping him with a research project. We were both not doing so hot in the class and any extra credit would help. We thought he had a legitimate project for us, but he wanted to film us fooling around in his office. Guess he needed to research the effects of two hot teen sluts playing with their pussies on his cock! Honestly, I would rather eat hot teen pussy than do real research any day. So I set my lab partner on the teacher’s desk and licked her snatch back and forth while our horny professor stroked his cock. She tasted so yummy. I worked my long fingers up her cunny to make her squirt all over my face. She returned the favor. We both had pussy juices all over our faces and the professor had a rock hard cock. He offered us flat out A’s all semester to ride his dick. He had a pretty huge cock so I had no problem with that deal at all. I rode him first. He cock penetrated my cunt deep, stretched it out. My partner got his cum though. Well, I got some too when she pissed it into my greedy mouth. I got to lick some hot pussy and ride a big cock. Not bad for an A!

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