Turn him ON!

phone chat numberI love when I know I have a man turned on. Just to know I have that bulge in their pants growing makes me so wet. Like the security guy in my building. I always make sure my skirt s extra tight or one more button is undone on my blouse when he is at work. I wonder if he knows how slutty I really am. I see his stares, him licking his lips. I’ve even heard him whisper to some of my neighbors what he would do to me. Well today I think I’m going to give him his wish. I put on nothing but a bathrobe and took the elevator down to the front desk. When I approached his jaw almost hit the floor. I told him I accidentally locked myself out of my apartment and needed a key to get back in. He grabbed the key and told me he would come up with me so I didn’t have to come back and return key. As soon as we got on the elevator I could feel his eyes locked on my breast. I decided to completely open my robe for him and grabbed his throbbing cock through his pants. He walked me to the apartment and opened the door, once he saw it wasn’t ever locked he pulled me inside and fucked me all over that apartment. He even made me gag on his long rock hard cock as he shot his hot cum down my throat. Now when he sees me I don’t have to wonder if he knows how slutty I am. He definitely does now and I definitely love it. I even let him join my twitter to keep him turned on reading all my dirty stories

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