Eavesdropping On Phone Chat Lines

Phone Chat LinesI caught my neighbor eavesdropping on my phone chat lines!

I am not like a lot of other girls! I actually get really excited when I talk to people!

I am a very sexual person so my body is always ready and I get wet super easily!

And what’s the point in getting all juiced up if you can’t get off?

I get really excited and can get loud and so I try to go to a place where I can have the screaming orgasm that I know you are going to give me without being interrupted.

It was late the other night when I was on the phone and as usual, I was ready to erupt in a massive explosion of pussy juice. I was out on the back porch and everyone was sleeping when suddenly I heard a crsah and the garbage cans were rolling on the ground!

I looked up and saw my neighbor watching me with his cock in his hand!

He must have stroked so hard that he knocked the cans over!

Most people would have ran in the house or at least covered up, but he was clearly enjoying himself so why ruin his fun!

I continued my call and let him watch the entire time! I squeezed my tits and licked my nipples, never taking my eyes off him!

I was getting so turned on and my caller was about to lose his load!

I reached for my favorite toy but before I could get to it, my peeping tom eavesdropping neighbor ran over and grabbed it! He dropped to his knees and plunged it into my slippery kitty!

He was shoving that toy inside me as far as it would go and the more I screamed, the harder and faster he pushed!

I was about ready to explode and started screaming, “Fuck me! Fuck me ! Oh God, fuck my slippery cunt!”

My caller thought I was talking to him and I could hear him shoot his load as he dropped the phone!

And my poor eavesdropping neighbor got a warm juicy shower of my sweet cum!


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