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I went to my boyfriends Foot ball practice today. 

God he looked so fucking sexy.

He took his sweaty shirt off, showing off his big muscles. 

Watching him run back and forth down the field was hot. 

When he had a break he ran over to me. 

I could’t keep my hands off his sweaty body. 

I was running my hands through his hair feeling his breathing heavy on my neck. 

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I wrapped my legs around him and started to grind on his cock. 

He picked me up in one arm and laid me down on the bleachers. 

He pulled my little red shorts to the side, he started kissing and sucking my clit. 

He pulled his cock out of his shorts as I leaned up to suck his cock. 

The smell of his sweaty balls and the taste of his cock was such a turn on. 

His stink made my pussy so fucking wet. 

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It was like no one was there.

He stuck his cock inside of me and fucked me. 

He fucked me so god damn hard, I was bouncing off his cock. 

When he blew his load inside my tight cunt we realized we just gave his whole team a free show!! 

When your in range you always make the goal. 

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