Granny Came To Visit

phone chat numbers darlaHarley spent the entire morning gathering her prettiest panties in anticipation of his Granny’s visit. My mom loves her little panty boy and he knows it. She makes him feel so special when he wears his panties for her. It’s fun to watch when she teases him a little and calls him over to sit on her lap with his pretty panties on. she holds him close and caresses his little clitty while I stand back with my pussy getting nice and juicy. She will lay him over her lap and spank his bottom threw his panties, making him squirm and wiggle until he eventually bursts out in the silly giggles. We always end up in my bed learning from my mothers mature sexual expertise. She has always been a loving and caring woman with a soft and special touch. Perfect for my sensitive sissy boy and his feminine ways! He loves it when Granny comes to visit us and he gets a double dose of MILF and cockies….

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