He Loves Anal

phone chat numbers viv1I saw his eyes boring into me, the twinkle in them as he undressed me in his mind and the boner rising in his pants. I could feel my big nipples pushing on the fabric of my shirt and the moisture building in my panties. I licked my lips and smiled at him from where I stood. My heart skipped a beat as he started walking towards me. We eased into conversation easily. It wasn’t long before we began talking about sex and our preferences. He told me how much he loved my curves and how he would love to feel the roundness of my soft, plump ass while he took it. The way he said it and looked at me sent a tingle coursing through my body. As soon as I opened the door to my apartment he began taking off my clothes. He pushed me to the floor with my ass high in the air and began covering my ass with kisses. He worked his way to that spot that he said he loved so much and began kissing it as if it was my mouth, sliding his tongue deep into me, groaning with pleasure. My cunt was soaking wet, quivering, waiting for attention. I heard him unzip his pants and felt the pressure of his cock on my ass. He slowly eased in. It seemed like forever before he was balls deep and by now the fire inside me was uncontrollable. I started to rock back and forth wanting to milk his dick with my ass but he stopped me. He wanted control. He teased me like I have never been teased before, with long, slow strokes for what seemed like an eternity. When he finally increased the tempo I was beyond needing to cum and when I felt his hot jizz spew inside my ass I clenched him tight as my pussy squirted juice all over his balls. It was the best ass fucking I ever had!

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