Mommy Phone Chat with Nicolette

mommy phone chat big titsMommy phone chat is my specialty. I’m a mature woman, in my late 40s. I have two sets of offspring. Four adults with brats of their own, and 3 school age little ones thanks to my boy toy second husband. He is half my age with ten times the libido as any man my age. He sired me a few more munchkins so I can relive the fun of being a dirty mommy. No one ages out in my family. Just because you can vote, doesn’t mean I won’t still fuck you. The key for me is DNA. I love the taboo nature of incest sex. There is something so sacred about the mother son relationship. The mother daughter relationship too. I don’t know why it is considered so forbidden. It is very natural for sons to want to fuck their mothers and their sisters. Also pretty normal for mothers to want to fuck their boys. My bed has always been a big family play ground. I am so lucky that my boy toy husband agrees. He is breaking in our two little girls while I concentrate on our boy. My older offspring often stop by to lend a helping hand in the continuing home school sex education of their half siblings. I just have one big blended fucking family. Wanna be a part of my clan?

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