Phone Chat Numbers Babe Katrina Gets Stuffed To The Max

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When I first started working with the phone chat numbers I was free to try anything, and that meant anything. Really today I still am. The only difference is now I have fallen in love with all kinds of fetish play. Have you ever just wanted your cock to be so huge that you can even stuff a sexy ass BBW to the max? Or ever wanted to see someone take a 15 inch cock? Well let me say this, the other day I got stuffed to the brink and I never thought it would happen. 

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20 inches of cock is a lot to take, and his big black cock had my fat ass pussy spread so far open that I could not even breath as he plowed me into the sheets. I thought I was going to wake the whole damn neighborhood and had to bite down on my covers as I screamed in ecstasy for every inch of cock he was stuffing inside of me. There is no better feeling then you fuck holes ripping, I did not know that till that day! 


He did not hesitate to give me more and more and I had no option about it. He flipped me over on my back and pulled my head to the side so he could shove his giant cock deep down my throat. I chocked and gagged as spit flew out all over my face to join the tears and smears of mascara. He wanted to break me and he certainly did just that, and you know what? I can’t wait till he does it again!

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