Rain Makes Me Wet

phone chat numbers alanzaIt’s been raining here for a week solid now. Being cooped up in this fucking house has me going stir crazy. Feeling very primitive I went out and crawled around in the rain on all fours like an animal. It made me even hornier then I already was and I had to get the fuck out for some fresh dick.
Soaking wet in my slutty clothes I went out on the streets with out an umbrella. The cold rain soon had me shivering and my nipples were hard as rocks. My mascara dripping down my face, the looks I was getting from passing men in suits with umbrellas held high was just fueling the fire with in me.
Suddenly the rain stopped hitting me and I felt his warm body pressing against my back as he sheltered me from the rain. I felt his warm breath in my ear asking me where I was headed and his hard dick was pushing into my ass.
“Where ever you are” I replied as I reached around and grabbed his cock.
His smile told me I was finally going to get the dick I needed.

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