You’re gonna love granny phone chat with me!

granny phone chatGranny phone chat with your favorite Granny! I don’t just bake cookies for the granbrats I do so much more than that for them! They are always begging their parents to come to grandma’s house and their parents know exactly why! I raised them the same way I am raising their little ones, we love to keep it in the family. They love how granny licks their tiny little bodies all over and how granny punishes them all in the right ways. They love all the attention they can get from me. They love to sit and watch me suck cock and then they give it a try too. They’re so well behaved – they’ll do anything I tell them to do! Beg and cry I’ll tell them and they will, just to get your cock hard for their tiny holes. I tell them not to squirm and to just let it happen and they do just that, taking your cock like they’re a whore pro like granny! I am so proud of my little ones; I think they deserve a surprise for working so hard. Do you have any ideas we could surprise my horny little brats with?

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