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I love nerdy guys. Everything they do is above and beyond amazing. When a nerd kisses you, it is sweet but hot. These guys worship my body. They are so gentle but rough when I need it. I think they do what they do because they appreciate it more. They take their time running their hands up and down my body. Kissing every inch of me. These nerds love to watch me fuck myself. I sit right in front of them as I run my fingers over my bald pussy. He watching my every move. I grab my pink vibrator and start sucking it as if it was his cock. I wanted to get it nice and wet for my swollen pussy. I started sliding it up and down my slit, teasing myself and him. I wanted him to watch me cum before he could touch me. He needed to see me cum. He needed to see how wet my pussy can get before he fucked me. I was going to give him the ride of his nerdy life.

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