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hot phone chatNormally I spend my free time with my family, getting closer and closer to them as the littles grow. I am a family woman but sometimes I need a break from it all. I need to go back to the times when I was a single woman. I decided to search for some local singles chat places I could hit up on Friday night… there were many singles clubs in my area so I picked the one that was a strip club all in one. I was looking sexy, I was by far the hottest milf there and everyone knew it. I ordered a drink and watched those little 18 year old sluts strip for money. I could feel my pussy getting hot and warm as I watched. I crossed my legs, I was so horny watching those little bitches. I was sipping my margarita when the owner approached me and offered a private show. I followed him, ready to see what was in store. We both sat together chatting while we waited for the show to start. Out came the youngest looking thing, he must have known what a dirty mommy I am. He grinned at me and took his cock already hard out of his pants. She went straight to him and began sucking his cock as I touched all over her body, exploring her tiny holes. He ordered her to lay on her stomach with her ass in air and her face shoved in my wet pussy. I showed her head in deep and she licked and slurped and my cunt like it was her last fucking meal. She didn’t miss a beat as he fucked her little ass with his fat cock and I can say I very much enjoyed the show – and singles night.

local singles chat

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