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I teach my sweet lil granddaughter Skylynn how to do everything. And that means taking cock straight up her ass. She loves coming over for her daily lesson where I teach her what men like most and turn her into granny’s personal slut to whore out. She loves the attention, the way the men grab at her tiny body and make her do the nastiest things. She will bend right over and take cock like a pro I am sure as soon as I show her how. I sit her down and tell her to watch and observe cuz she is up next! I invited a friend of mine over to help with this special demonstration that includes a cock that will rip her poor ass in half. I bend over and grab my ankles – no matter my age I am still an extremely flexible woman. I feel his big hands spreading my ass cheeks, the thumbs rubbing my asshole with the spit of his finger. I feel my pussy start to get wet with anticipation and suddenly it is more than a finger there. It’s a massive cock making it’s way deep into my ass. Slamming into me hard and fucking the shit out of me. I am moaning and loving it, I want Skylynn to know how good it is to be a nasty teen whore and she will, she always will do whatever I tell her to.

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