Spank Me, Tease Me, Please Me

phone chat numbers darlaMommy needs to be spanked and teased. I am in the mood for a man to be wicked  and playful. To show me his big hard dick and make me REALLY want it! Hold me down and rub that cock that is dripping pre-cum all over my ripe tits with nipples so hard you could cut diamonds with them. Take that dick and slap me in the face and tell me how your going to face fuck me and make me gag on it. Turn me over and slap that ass while you rub it all over my wet pussy and tight brown ass, making me feel the heat but not giving it to me yet. Teasing me endlessly, making me beg for the feel of that throbbing cock stuffed deep inside me doggy style while you keep spanking me making my ass red and hot. Tie me down and tease me knowing that I can’t move or do anything with out your permission. I am right on the edge of cumming with out you ever fucking me and you know it. You stop touching me, stop teasing me, letting the wanting you build up to it’s highest point before you finally pound me like you know I want it.

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