Somebody’s Watching Me

phone chat numbers lillyThe feel of his eyes on me as I pretend not to know he is there is so arousing. I always make sure to put on a show for him. I undress slowly and sensualy teasing him with each seductive move carefuly calculated. I tease him with just a neak peak of my goodies while I run my hands over my body, pinching and pulling my nipples so that they get nice and hard for him. Throwing my self down on the bed I arch my back and spred my legs wide, rubbing my pussy just enough for my juices to start making my cunt glisten in the light. I close my eyes and imagine him jerking his dick as he watches me through the window and I have to end the show by fucking my pussy and giving him the best view possible. I often wonder if he lasts the entire show or if he cums long before I do. One day I am going to invite Michelle in the room to tease him with Mommy.phone chat numbers peeping

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