Thanksgiving Plans

phone chat numbers melindaThe girls and I have been talking about what we will do for the up cumming holiday. We know that we are inviting a bunch of men that love to play for Thanksgiving dinner, and that we want to incorporate many games that will tie in to the day’s theme. Of course I will be preparing dinner, so while I am stuffing the turkey, they will be stuffing my little cunnies. Our gravy will need some special sauce to make our meal perfect so they will have to give us that special ingredient. The girls will have to supply some cream to make our mashed potatoes extra creamy and sweet. The men will have to milk them and make sure we have enough cream just like the girls will have to milk the men and make sure we have enough special sauce. It is going to be a feast that is fitting for a king and enough to satisfy all the kinky desires that we all have. There isn’t one taboo or one thing that will be off limits for out holiday celebration. If your lucky enough to join us, you won’t be disappointed, that is for sure. Especially if you love fresh young creampie as your Thanksgiving dessert!

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