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phone chat numbersYou wouldn’t think that such a young girl would be so horny. I can’t help it. Ever since I was introduced to sex, I can’t stop thinking about it. I have cock on the brain. Old men, young boys, it doesn’t matter. Just knowing that they have a cock makes me want to touch and taste it. Having the power to make a man weak gives me a wicked sense of power and I love to tease. What man doesn’t like a little teen flirt? Or seeing a quick flash of panties or a glimpse of smooth girl pussy. If I was your daughter, could you resist my charms? Let’s play a game. Truth or dare? If I took your cock in my mouth in a public place, would you make me stop? What if we were riding the bus and I slid my hand into your lap? Would you open your fly for me and slide my small hand to your throbbing cock? As I pull my hand away and slowly lick the cream from my palm, I smile. I really knew the answer all along.

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