We went pumpkin picking

2 girl phone sexMommy took me pumpkin picking since it’s the beginning of October not many people were there. We wore our short booty shorts and crop top shirts. We were bending over picking up pumpkins trying to  find the very best one when Mommy noticed a man watching us. “Babygirl, you see that guy over there watching us? Let’s give him a show okay baby?” Mommy whispered to me and I followed her lead. She walked up to him and I followed. We began bending over right in front of him…mommy motioned for me to rub my ass against his clearly growing bulge in his pants. When I brushed up against him he about came right then! Ha, but he just got all flustered and apologized to me! Mommy stood right up and put on an act “Are you trying to touch my daughter, sir?!” he looked terrified; I got close to him and grabbed his cock quickly. He gasped as soon as my hand was wrapped around it. “Yes Mommy he was trying to touch my ass!” I squeeze his cock and Mommy shakes her head at him. “You’re going to have to come with us if you don’t want us telling on you.” She insisted and he was too scared to complain. We took him to our house only a few blocks away…”I saw you watching us, thinking about both of our cunts as we bent over at the pumpkin patch – you thought you were safe to stare and no one would know.” She slaps my ass hard and his eyes go wide. “You want my teen daughter’s ass don’t you?” I get on my knees in front of him and tell him “You better tell the truth…” He stutters and admits it finally and Mommy is clearly happy and nods for me to continue what I started. Lucky for him, he gets both of us…

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