The family that plays together…

phone chat numbers bernadetteI bet you wonder what made me such an old P Granny…well I am happy to tell you exactly how that started. But you must know I can’t tell you every single detail, that’s something you can only hear directly from my mouth… and something worth hearing I’d say. Well the day I found out I was pregnant I knew my little one and I would be very close. It didn’t take long after she was born that there was another one on the way. I was building my own collection of pleasure without even trying. I had the best of both worlds… a boy and a girl. I wanted to teach them everything and I did. They were good little ones, always willing to learn and try something new. I never had to force them and they ate that shit up. They loved Mommy’s attention! So once they became older and had their own little ones it was time to teach them the ways. The family fun ways… We made sure to tell them that incest is completely okay in this family and to not let anyone else tell them different. They were eager to get started, wanting to not only please their parents but their grammy too. We frequently all come together for family game night… but honestly the funnest thing we do is going to pound town. If you know what that means! We’ll have to show you at the next family game night if you’d like to join and see just how close we all are… speaking of which it’s time for my lil grandbrat’s bath! Mmm…

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