Welcome To My Candy Shop

phone chat numbers vivI love showing off my rainbow tattoo. It’s my special candy shop just for you. Everyone loves Skittles and I love it when you want to taste the rainbow. I don’t just expect you to enjoy my candy when your in my candy shop. I want to lick your candy too, just like a lollipop. It isn’t my fault if sometimes I just can’t stop. The best part is that niether of us are going to stop until we hit that special spot and  get the real candy at the end of the rainbow. I know you feel it to. I will give it to you any way you want, if you do the same. Let’s overdose on the sweetness that we both have to offer! I am so ready for your sugar rush and to give you all my goodies as well. My juicy sweet center is hot and sticky sweet and all yours baby! Cum and get it while you can!




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