You gotta make Daddy happy!

teen sex blogMy daddy loves me and he always finds ways to let me know, either giving me a me night where he eats me until I cum over and over or he brings me home a new toy! I love it. And most girls want to know how to have a relationship with their daddy like I do and I tell them all the time how simple it is, just do anything and everything you can to show your daddy love and make him happy. And stop at nothing to achieve those goals. I guess I will be nice to those who do not know how to keep Daddy happy at all costs and give you a few tips and tricks on all I do for my daddy. First off no matter what always great your daddy with a good cock sucking, every time Daddy sees me he smiles because he knows I am just waiting to wrap my lips around that sexy thick cock of his. Then of course you do as Daddy says no matter what no question and know that if you get in trouble you will be punished. If I do not listen or ask questions I know that Daddy will spank me with his belt or a whip until he is happy and that is if he is in a good mood. I have had bruises on my nipples from a bad day but it doesn’t matter, if Daddy wants it, Daddy gets it. My last tip for you is if Daddy is into it so are you! If Daddy wants you to bring over your friend and tells you to finger fuck her virgin ass while he watches and strokes his dick that is what Daddy will get. No matter what Daddy gets everything.

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