What Happens When I Am Told To Behave

phone chat numbers cherrieMy husband works in the most uptight office environment in the world! I hate when he forgets something and I have to take it to him. There is not a smile to be found anywhere in that place. Everyone looks like they are in pain. The men all wear suits, and the women are dressed like they are going to church. People rushing around looking serious and annoyed.

The other day he had forgotten his lunch so I had to go down there and take it to him. He told me on the phone, “Cherrie, when you come down here today, behave.”

Behave? I would of just walked in there, gave his secretary his lunch, made some small talk then been on my way. However, since he told me to behave, I decided that I wasn’t going to behave at all.

When I arrived I told his secretary that I would just take it in to him. As soon as he saw me he smiled, and I smiled back. I walked up to this desk, sat his lunch down, then exposed my tits. I jiggled them around a bit. He said, “NO, Cherrie not now! My clients will be here in five minutes!” Honestly, I really didn’t give a good god damn about his clients. I pulled my jeans off and walked around the desk. He kept telling me, “NO!”, but his cock in his pants was screaming, “YES!”. I couldn’t let my husband meet clients with a hard-on now could I?

Of course not! I got down on my knees and sucked him off. I was just rubbing his cum into my tits when his door opened up. He pushed me under his desk. I’m a bigger girl so being smushed under a desk was not my idea of a good time at all.

He stood up and shook hands with someone. He looked down and almost laughed. I was stuck under that desk for at least twenty minutes. Finally he stood back up to walk them to the door.

He helped me up from beneath the desk laughing. I didn’t think it was funny at all. He smacked my ass hard when I was putting my jeans back on and said, “Okay, you do not have to behave when you come here anymore, but when I say, “No” there is a reason.” Reason or not, the next time he has me run him something to his office, I think I will do the same thing, but this time perhaps his clients will catch him fucking me over his desk. I am sure they wouldn’t mind.

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