Phone Chat Line For 2 Girl Fantasy

Phone Chat LinesSo last week I called this phone chat line…..

I have this secret fantasy. I have never told anyone but I guess I can tell you.

I love sex and being a sexy curvy girl, I can get it when ever I want but  have always wondered what it would be like to be with another girl.

I am not a lesbian but I do find women very sexy!

I love their big round tits and hard nipples.

I get so excited when I imagine my naked body rubbing up against another girl.

I think about her sliding her fingers inside my pussy and flicking my clit with her penetrating tongue and my cunt instantly gets moist!

So I called this phone chat line to talk to another girl. I mean that is what they are for, right?…to virtually fulfill your sexual desires?

Well I talked to a few girls on this Fuckaliciousfreaks.com sight and it was amazing!

When she was talking about slipping her tongue deep into my ass while she finger fucked me, I almost came!

I was rubbing my clit while I listened to her sweet seductive voice and I had never been so excited!

I wanted her! I wanted her to suck on my gigantic bouncy tits and lick the cream that dripped from my pussy!

I could tell that she was fucking herself and touching herself in the same way that she was describing what she would do to me! It was so hot and all I could think of is how badly I wanted to grab my strap on and fuck her until she rained cum all over herself!

I still can’t forget the sound of her screaming my name when she finally exploded!

Wynona! Yes Wynona! Oh God! I love the way your tongue feels inside my slippery wet cunt!

I love this phone chat line!

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