Phone Chat Numbers for No Limits Fun

phone chat numbersPhone chat numbers are varied. You can talk to sweet teens, cuckolding mistresses, hot BBWs, mommies, grannies, bitches in charges, sadistics, or submissive whores like me. I am a total bondage and BDSM slut. I like it rough. Unlike many phone sex sluts, I don’t pretend to be submissive. I have been a subby fuck slut since I was a school girl. Always did what daddy told me. Always do what men tell me to do. I was on a call last night where I had to put hat pins through my nipples. My caller told me my screams sounded so real. I was like they were. I don’t know how to fake pain. I don’t want to fake pain. You tell me to spank my ass with a paddle 100 times I will. You tell me to use a lit cigar on my clit or nipples, I will. You tell me to shove something up my cunt or ass, I will. You tell me to chug a bottle of bourbon until I puke, I will. You tell me to pierce my worthless nipples, I will. I am a submissive whore on the phone because I am one in my personal life. How can I serve you? Nothing is off limits with me. I deserve to be used and abused. to be

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