Phone Chat Numbers of Two Girls & One Mini Man

Phone Chat Numbers MakennaMy girl Passion asked me the other night if she could give out my phone chat numbers to a special friend of hers. She went on to explain just how sexy he was, and that his idea of kinky sex involved a very special naughty twist indeed. Now Passion is one of the most delicious BBW’s you will ever know. She is soft and yummy! Her skin is so perfectly dark and her tits are so huge! We both have our own version of kinky and she certainly loves the BBC! She loves large fat dicks inside of her. Then there is me. I am a lover of little things. Little pussies, tiny cocks, little bodies. My own rug-rats are so small that I am basically a giant to them. I love being the bigger and badder mommy who takes the little ones and gets my cunt nice and hot! I think this may have had something to do with why she chose me to help fulfill his giantess phone sex fantasy. Giantess Phone Sex Passion

Now Passion being so large and me loving the small; made a perfect fit for his Macrophilia fascination. His love of large cunts and tits made it super hot when we shrunk his kinky ass to a tiny tiny person. I could have squished him with my thumb! But I was not having anything until I had him inside my cunt! Passion and I were kissing hard, mashing our lips together as we joined our cunts together by wrapping our legs in around each others waist, we felt this little whisper of a man, crawling up to our pussies. He put his little face and shoulders inside of Passion’s twat. And as I pushed mine into her pubic mound, his legs and ass were devoured by my pussy. Together me and Passion used him like our own personal sex toy! His legs were kicking inside my flesh and he was busy licking and sucking the walls of hers. When he both came at the same time, a gush of pussy juices pushed him onto the bed under our asses! That was super hot indeed, but this guy was not done he crawled right back into Passion and I smiled as I fucked her with his head! Oh I can’t wait till he calls us again! That was definitely the most fun I have had with my pretty Passion in a long time!Phone Chat Lines Makenna

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