Ageplay Fantasy Teen and Santa’s Nasty Xmas

age play fantasySanta was very fucking nasty this Xmas with this ageplay fantasy whore. I and my two sweet tiny ones had made our list up for Santa and left him some milk and cookies. Our list wasn’t like most girl’s list. We had lube and sex toys. And money and super sexy heels and stockings on our list for Santa. It was really cold out so After we left our list I took my oldest and my middle girl to the bed and licked those cunnies to sleep after they made mommy squirt all over the bedsheets.   My fingers still worked my ageplay fantasy pussy as I thought of the delights old saint nick would put in our stockings. I wanted the new Rub My Ducky Vibe so I could play in the tub with My littles and fuck each of us under the water. My daughters wanted baby dolls and sweet-tasting lubes. When I heard a clatter and glass breaking I rushed my tiny self out but naked. Santa was drunk and had thrown the glass of milk across the room. Hoe, Hoe Hoe! I am so sick of milk doesn’t anybody think Santa needs something a little sweeter and scrumptious? Santa saw my body and as he took out the presents, he appeared to be drunk with a hard-on and cum stains down his pants. I Kneeled down and opened my mouth and told Santa to cum relieve that aching cock in my sweet little girl’s mouth! My daughters had woken up and were playing with there cunnies in hopes that would make him leave more toys for them. They gave him a show and he spattered my young face before I knew it. In my hands was a gift before he disappeared. He had given the Rub My Ducky so my whore ageplay fantasy bath time fun could go on! Santa sure was a dirty Nasty Bastard this Xmas and Me and my girls love it!age play fantasy


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