Big girls just wanna have fun too!

phone chat numbersBig girls wanna have fun too so when someone acts like I’m too fat to go out and be sexy and hit on sexy men, I just tell them to stuff it and go do my thing! Just like last night, I put on this hot sexy dress and the highest heels I have and went out to this new club. There were a ton of hot guys there, I swear I was in paradise! I was checking out my options and flirting with several men when I saw him… He was tall and black and sexy as hell, I knew that I had to have him! I offered to buy him a drink and he said that he would rather have me than a drink, how could I say no? I took him back to my place where he pushed me down to my knees as soon as we walked thru the door. I sucked that cock deep down my throat, he was rough but I was loving it! Then he bent me over the couch and fucked me till I screamed, it was amazing!

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