Breeding Teens Phone Chat Numbers

phone chat numbers

Daddy Loves the fact that that men call my phone chat numbers because they want to get their daughters pregnant! I can’t tell you how many times he asks if I got to tell a sexy man what age he impregnated me.  Daddy is my biggest fan. Besides giving this good girl hot and dirty fucking, he gave me a couple of beautiful brats that keep me very bust and my p-mommy side satisfied. I love telling my callers how my life is. I really am an incest hoe.  I get to play with my pussy and hear them get off for me. I keep my brats in toys and me in pretty panties. (I have an addiction.) Yes, sometimes I go without panties, but I love the way I keep daddies cum inside me in a pretty pair of panties. Often when you call me, I am only wearing a new pair of sexy panties. But let’s get back to why you call my phone chat lines. You call me because you have a girl, or you dream of a girl the same age I was when I first got pregnant. Breeding young is very important it’s when a girl’s body is in her prime. And when a girl as young as me gets bred, you can see her body evolve into a woman in 9 short months. Her tits get round her hips expand, and her cunny loses its baby fat. Suddenly your brat is a bratty preggo teen who constantly needs your cock. Her body is craving daddy cock. You can fuck her brains out and five minutes later she will be needing another cum deposit. I really love my daddy callers who want to impregnate little girls. I get so wet for those dicks cumming to my life too!

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