Let’s Have Some Sexy Grandma Phone Chat

granny phone chat big titsWant to have some granny phone chat? I’m a sexy granny with 6 beautiful grand angels. And guess what? I play with all of them. I’m a very dirty grandma. The kind of granny you wish you had growing up. See, if you were my grandson, I would have taught you all sorts of things. Like how to jack you cock for me. I love it when boys are at that super horny age when they can do nothing but play with their peckers. That is when I know young boys are ready for fucking. My youngest grandson has just hit that age. I hear him slapping his meat all the time. He is so cute. Makes excuses to go into his room or the bathroom. I follow him. With my ear pressed up against the door, my hand in my panties, I play with my clit as I hear him stroking his dick. Now that I know he is horny all the time, I can train him how to lick my pussy and ass. I think it is a granny’s responsibility to teach her grand angels all about the joys of sex. How to masturbate; how to eat pussy; how a blowjob should feel; how to fuck….

Now I bet you really wish I was your granny. Thanks to the concept of role playing, I can be.

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