phone chat lines

phone chat linesI do Snoop a lot. I like to find things that I wouldn’t have noticed if I hadn’t been nosey. What I found out my boss call phone chat lines I knew this is the entire incident to bring up to him. I wanted nothing more than a memo to get paid more and to put him right where I want him. I want him beneath me so he can serve me as he should. I’m a nanny, and I’m supposed to be sweet and caring and a caregiver but I only care about my funds and about myself. When I found out, he was frequently massage parlors that give happy endings, and he was having plenty of Affairs I decided to use that against him. Also if you wanted to fuck so bad usually I would fuck a boss but this guy was was repulsive and I could barely stand the sight of him. He was an overweight big-time Big Shot lawyer. He was obnoxious rude and crude and needed to be put in his place. When I laid out the evidence, and I laid out my terms he quickly agreed to everything I was putting on the table. Maybe I should have been the fucking lawyer because this idiot gave in so quickly it’s like taking candy from a tot.

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