Phone chat lines

Hi, there sissy! It’s Mistress Genesis here, and it’s time for you to call one of my Phone chat lines! I have lots and lots of things in store for us today. You’ll never forget today I promise. Some sissy’s know me very well and some are new and may not have yet heard of what a true goddess and queen I am! For a long time, I took in willing sissies, the ones that already knew what they wanted and were willing to submit to me and all my demands. After a while, I began to grow so fucking bored of these predictable sissy’s! I wanted a whiny sissy, I wanted a man I could turn into a woman. What I really craved? Was some forced girly training. Where I made an alpha male submit to me, and all my naughty demands. Sure, I am a little twisted. I want to see a man that usually has it all together. The one who everyone else thinks is dominant. Not with me, you won’t be. I am here to use, abuse, train you and be amused by you. I will get off on degrading you and stripping you of all of your self-respect. If anyone ever found out that you really are a sissy slut that will do whatever you’re told, you would die from embarrassment. Mmm, what are you waiting for? My Phone Chat Numbers are ringing non-stop and I am going to be picky about who I choose this timePhone chat lines around! Who will be so lucky to have me to control them, train and mold them? Humiliate them in ways they’d never imagined! If this is you, a manly man, handsome, successful, even with a big cock but you secretly want to give yourself up to a woman that knows exactly what she’s doing. You know where to find me.

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