Phone chat lines are great for Confessions

An incest phone sex session on the phone chat lines I had the other night was rather amazing. One of my clients confessed something that his wife and daughter had been up to. This client had been put through some kinky phone sex play and needed to share by calling phone chat numbers.

phone chat linesAs I urged my client on he was getting really excited causing me to instruct him to take his cock out. As he continued to confess some of the stuff his wife and daughter were up to his excitement grew and he really started beating off. Apparently his wife has been getting some side sex from her boss, and her telling him all about it really gets him excited.
My clients wife has taken up a job as a cocktail waitress to bring in extra money and to get out of the house. She came home late one night from work and woke Harold up to tell him about what has been going on. He was a little curious as when they had sex a few times she appeared overly wet and turned on. Evidently Harold has been fucking his wife after she took her bosses cock bareback. He seemed excited to hear about her fucking another man that it has become a part of their sex life, and has made it better than ever.

phone chat numbersNow their daughter was caught coming home past curfew smelling of sex. She has been fucking a boy from her school, and his parents. They all sat down and discussed this and good old daddy was aroused at her confession. In fact Harold was persuaded by his wife to examine their daughters sex and in finding she was full of cum he was unable to contain his own orgasm. It sounds to me like this family has grown a little closer and they seem to enjoy each other on a regular basis.

kinky phone sex

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