Phone Chat Lines for Married Men

phone chat linesPhone chat lines are for men who like kinky girls. Guys call me when they have skinny girls who don’t suck cock. Either they don’t like sucking cock, or they just suck at it. Either way, guys look at a sexy BBW like me and just know I can take care of their needs. I was at a Halloween party the other night. That is where I met Troy. He was a sexy older man, bald. I love bald men. I can rub my pussy on their heads for hours. Troy was married, but he didn’t seem to mind. I never mind married men. We ducked into an empty room to fuck. The first thing I did was sit on his face. As he was eating my pussy, I started to suck his cock.  My pussy ended up on his sexy bald head. I was grinding my pussy on his head trying to cum again. His cock was throbbing in my mouth. I came on his head giving him head. His sexy bald head was glistening with my pussy juice. He fucked me hard from behind and I could smell my pussy on his head. We went back to the party. His cum was in my pussy and my cunt juice was drying on his head. It was our dirty little secret. I know I am such a slut.

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