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They had champagne on sale the other night when me and a male friend of mine went to the liquor store. He has some white horse and we were about to get way too fucked up. He said he wanted me, which I had no problem with. His face was kinda funny but after a few nostrils full and a glass of our white trash Perrier this phone chat lines slut was ready to play.
He started with the shocker. Let me admit, with all of the phone chat numbers that I have been playing with the shocker is not much of a shock anymore. The started lubing me up with his spit and spreading me wider and wider. He said he could shove the whole damn bottle in my ass. Sure as fuck I took that bottle like a fucking champ.
I told him I was his super fancy bitch now. I even poured him a glass straight from my booty hole bottle plug. After that he used my mouth like his own little fuck hole, leaning over to play with my new tail I was daunting. Playing with my clit I came, almost forgot I had his cock in my throat and gagged on it. That made him fill up the back of my throat. He said I was one high class trailer trash slut, which I am.

Phone Chat Numbers

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